Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why They Volunteer

Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds with a wide diversity of life experiences. Not only do we enjoy hearing more about who they are, but we also appreciate the assortment of reasons that explain why they’re here. The following are some of the stories that drivers from both the Volunteer Transportation and Hyde Shuttle programs have shared with us:
    "These services are lifelines for people. If these clients didn’t get out and about, they might vegetate mentally and physically.  It's a valuable service, and I wanted to be a part of it."

    "I just wanted something helpful to do to fill my time during retirement."

    "I am lucky because I currently have good health and fairly good physical capabilities (knock on wood!). I wanted to help others who may not have the same abilities; I don’t want to take them for granted."

    "My mother is 90-years-old and lives in Detroit. Because I’m not able to help her out with her daily routines and activities, I wanted to serve other seniors here in the Seattle area."

    "My wife works in a hospital and noticed that clients who had 15-minute radiation appointments often had to take over 5 hours of their time to get to and from the medical facility. I wanted to help out so that people wouldn’t have to wait so long."

    "I knew that I’d be working with inspiring people. I hope that I’m as determined as they are when I’m older."

    "My parents have both passed away. I’m volunteering in their honor."

Regardless of what initially compelled them to volunteer,  we hope that they discover more and more reasons to keep driving, week after week and year after year.


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