Friday, February 28, 2014

Appointment Arrival Part III: Into the Office

After the dropping-off or parking processes described in the last two reflections, Mike (driver) and Mary (client) demonstrated the typical waiting room routine.

Mike and Mary got off the elevator and headed for check-in.  They were impressively early.
Mary is 86-years-old and has regularly received rides from the Volunteer Transportation program for 11 years.  “I just don’t know what I’d do without it!” she told me.
Like many volunteer drivers often do, Mike had brought a book to enjoy while waiting during Mary’s appointment.  They modeled reading as a favorite waiting room pastime. 

I was grateful to spend time (albeit brief) with Mike and Mary as they brought yet another part of the ride process to life for me!  Like all the other drivers and clients that I photographed, they reminded me of the many facets of Volunteer Transportation.
Friday, February 21, 2014

Appointment Arrival Part II: Parking

As a continuation of last week’s post,  today’s photo journal focuses on Gloria (driver) and Phyllis (client)-- another duo that I captured on film as they reached their medical clinic destination. 

The car was parked, and Phyllis looked surprisingly happy to have arrived for a doctor’s appointment.
The parking garage wasn’t exactly the most glamorous location for a photo shoot, but Gloria and Phyllis brightened the room with their smiles.
We often say that our volunteer drivers open doors—both figuratively and literally—for our clients.  Gloria clearly embodied this spirit of the Volunteer Transportation program.
With that, I wished Gloria and Phyllis well as they continued on their journey!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Appointment Arrival Part I: The Drop Off

Although our volunteer drivers make it seem like a seamless and effortless process, a ride with the Volunteer Transportation program entails multiple steps—starting when the volunteer driver first arrives for the pick-up and ending when he/she ensures that the client is home safe and sound again.  I recently had the opportunity to observe one stage of the process: the appointment arrival.   I really enjoyed meeting-up with several volunteer driver/client pairs as they were in their “natural habitat” (medical facilities).  This week begins my three-part photo series documenting these brief experiences

I caught Reta (volunteer) and Fern (client) just as they were pulling-up for Fern’s appointment on Capitol Hill.
Reta skillfully let Fern off at the front of the building, ensuring that she could easily enter without having to walk a lengthy distance.
Fern was soon ready to go!  Reta and Fern reported that they have gotten to know each other well because they’ve shared many rides together.

This was just one quick moment of time in a day in the life of a volunteer driver (stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks!).  It was fun to see such a kind and effective driver in action.

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