Friday, June 21, 2013

An Ode to Hyde Shuttles

In February, we published a cheesy poem honoring our Volunteer Transportation drivers.  We feel that it is now time to do the same for the amazing volunteers and staff of the Hyde Shuttle program.

Here is our "Ode to Hyde Shuttles" (from a client perspective):

I was unable to get out and about on my own,
and I grew tired and bored at home all alone.
I wistfully dreamed of a way to break free
from the same four walls constantly surrounding me.

I was then informed of a shuttle called Hyde
that I could use if I ever needed a ride.
The van would pick me up at my home
and take me anywhere I wanted to go.

Registration was just a phone call away,
so I called to get started the very next day.
It was so easy to sign-up it was hard to believe;
I felt like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t achieve!

The shuttle came to pick me up at my front door,
and, just like that, I had a whole new world to explore.
I was able to go to the Senior Center, doctor’s, and store—
as well as the beauty parlor, a friend’s home, library, and more.

I felt very alive, empowered, and carefree;
there was so much more to do than just watch TV!
I’m no longer painfully limited in what I can do;
there are many new hobbies and activities to pursue.

The drivers are all courteous and as nice as can be;
they really strive to take good care of me.
They gingerly help me get into the van with care
and don’t mind that I need to stay in my wheelchair.

It’s hard to know how to effectively convey
all of the gratitude and positive things I want to say,
but I hope that ending with this statement will do:
Hyde Shuttle team, I truly appreciate you!


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