Friday, July 12, 2013

Why Drive?

We recently posed the following question to our Des Moines Hyde Shuttle volunteer drivers: What is the best thing about driving the Hyde Shuttle?   
Here are their responses:
  • Alan M. –  “Driving is a great thing!  Some of the most fun is just taking a client to visit a friend or go to the waterfront for the afternoon.”
  • Tom M. –  "I so enjoy interacting with the seniors and their past experiences.  They are so thankful and show much appreciation for the Senior Services being provided to them.”
  • Scott E. –  “I enjoy the feeling of be able to help those who need help. I enjoy the driving and connecting with our riders.”
  • Tom E. –  
    • “I enjoy getting to know some of the elderly and hearing their stories of life.”
    • “I feel more appreciation for the little we do to make their lives easier than I ever did in all my years of work.”
  • John M. –  “It makes me feel like I am making a difference and it gives me something to do with my time.”
  • Jerry M. –
    • “Driving for me is an obligation of my civic duty to help others who may not be able to help themselves.”
    • “I enjoy the time, but I feel a strong responsibility as an able bodied adult to volunteer as long as I can.”
  • Bonnie T. -  
    • “I like hearing stories the seniors share from their past."
    • "I like that our riders are so polite and appreciative of our service.”
Although each volunteer has a different take on his/her role, they all demonstrate the same passion and compassion that make our program so special.   It is clear that we provide more than just transportation—for both our clients and volunteers.


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