Friday, November 1, 2013


Our huge file of newspaper clippings, many now yellow and faded with age,
provides for a fun walk down memory lane.
Throughout the years, the Volunteer Transportation program has often been featured in the local media.  Our office has compiled a large anthology of newspaper clippings, and each article has a slightly different spin on the value of Volunteer Transportation.
Here are some of the standout headlines:
  • Working as a volunteer driver has put this stroke patient on a less bumpy road
  • Just when they need to see the doctor the most, senior citizens often lose their ability to get there
  • Transportation is one of the top problems facing King County Seniors; there’s just not enough to go around
  • Have driver, will travel
  • Volunteers make time for those who need it
  • A Helping Hand—at the Steering Wheel—for Seniors
  • It’s a rewarding “round trip” when volunteers take seniors for a ride
However it’s stated, one fact is consistently clear: Volunteer drivers have a profound positive impact on the lives of the seniors they transport, and they gain as much from the experience as their passengers.  The archived stories also make it very evident that we could always use more volunteer drivers-- no matter what month or year it is.  We continue to receive lots of support from local media outlets, adding to the growing chronicled history of our program.


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