Friday, April 11, 2014

“12th Man” Celebration

Today marks the end of National Volunteer Week – a nationally designated time to celebrate the contributions and resources that community volunteers provide.  Although we attempt to express appreciation to our volunteers all 52 weeks of the year, it’s a wonderful reminder to all of us of the work and support that our volunteers bring to both the Volunteer Transportation and Hyde Shuttle programs.

With the help of the City of Auburn, we had the opportunity to recognize some of our volunteer drivers who serve older Auburn residents.  We attended a special luncheon entitled “Auburn Volunteers: Our 12th Man” that featured food, decorations, activities, and guest speakers all with a Seahawks motif.  With lots of “12th man” references, the event showcased volunteer contributions within the Auburn community and provided organizations with a way to say “thanks” to their precious volunteers.

Special guests at the event included: Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus, Miss Teen Auburn, Phil Bates-- #13 and a Wide Receiver with the Seahawks, Miss Auburn, and Christian from the Sea Gals.
Hilary (Volunteer Transportation staff member), Bruce (volunteer driver), Katie (volunteer driver), and Frank (volunteer driver) greatly enjoyed the luncheon.

In line with the “12th man” theme, organizations were asked to create and perform a cheer honoring their volunteers.  We quickly came up with the following:

Give me a D!
D is for Dedicated because our drivers never fail to be there!
Give me an R
R is for Respectful because they treat seniors with care!
Give me an I!
I is for Important because they help folks in need!
Give me a V!
V is for Valuable because transportation is precious indeed!
Give me an E!
E is for Empathetic because our drivers always understand.
Give me an R!
R is for Ready because our drivers are ready to lend a hand!
What does that spell? 
Our drivers are super, fabulous, and great!
They are very easy to appreciate!!
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo drivers!!!!
(Insert back flip here).

Happy National Volunteer Week to all!


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