Friday, January 9, 2015

Scheduler Ride Along

Donald Benedict, Lead Transportation Coordinator, has worked for Volunteer Transportation for 16 years (and Senior Services for 24 years).  On a normal weekday, he can be found answering phone lines, contacting volunteers, taking down ride requests, and completing all of the necessary work to ensure that King County seniors get the valuable transportation they need.  He recently had the rare opportunity, however, to escape from the confines of the office and tag along with Lynne McCaslin (volunteer driver) and Janine Parks (regular Volunteer Transportation client) as they completed the typical ride routine.  

Donald enjoyed his Ride Along experience.   He loved how naturally Lynne and Janine interacted with one another and gained even more respect for our volunteer drivers!  It was a great reminder of why he and the other Transportation Coordinators work so hard to make rides happen-- week after week, year after year.


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