Friday, May 31, 2013

Volunteer Story: Getting Hitched

Dennis B., a volunteer driver, shared the following story with us:
“Yesterday, I took Bill H. to Magnolia.  He lived up there for years, and as it was a nice day, after the appointment we went to the bluff and looked out at the water for a while.  He told me about his father who was a ferry boat captain in the old days.  As we were getting ready to go, he told me that he had to get back to see his fiancée!  Bill is 91-years-old and uses a walker and is not what I would call really mobile...and here he is getting married!! He said that she and he were sweethearts 72 years ago.  He has been through 2 wives, and she 1 or 2 husbands. They now live 2 doors apart at The Merrill Gardens and are planning on getting married.  I guess it’s not over until they nail down the lid, huh?”


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