Friday, May 24, 2013

Volunteer Transportation Client Spotlight: Helen H.

ONE OF A KIND: Volunteer Transportation Client Brings Life to Rides

It’s easy to locate 92-year-old Helen H’s home amongst the sea of doors in her apartment complex.   There is a sign taped to the front of it that reads, “I’ve gone to look for myself.  If I should return before I get back, keep me here!”   Thus, visitors already have smiles on their faces before they’ve even greeted her.

And then Helen ensures that those smiles do not disappear!   She is full of entertaining stories and unique perspectives.  She has a great sense of humor, an active mind, and personality galore!  It is clear that, like her quirky door display, Helen stands out.  She says, “I’ve lived a hell of a life!  We all have.  You don’t get to be over 90-years-old without having a variety of experiences.” 
Although Helen stresses the importance of being able to laugh at life, she is able to reflect on other more serious topics as well.  She loves history (and is a member of a Historical Society) and has traveled a great deal.  She is curious and knowledgeable.  

These wide-ranging qualities make spending time with Helen a rare treat, and many Volunteer Transportation drivers have had the privilege of getting to know her.  She registered for the program in 2001 and has been a regular client ever since.   She has monthly appointments to ophthalmologists for treatment of macular degeneration and has met many “neat” volunteers throughout the years.

She says, “Every single one of them is interesting—if you want to sit and listen and ask.”  She knows many details of their life histories, and she has a great deal of respect for these drivers.  She jokes, “They all deserve stars in their crowns for putting up with cranky old ladies and men!”  On a more serious note, she adds, “They give their time and make an effort.  Frankly, I can’t push it hard enough.”

Helen reminds us of a very important life lesson: NEVER STOP LAUGHING OR LEARNING.  We are honored to have “found” her as a client in Volunteer Transportation.


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