Friday, January 31, 2014

In Memoriam

Tom Melchior: 12/31/1935 to 1/28/2014
On Wednesday of this week, we received the sad news that Tom Mechior had passed away.   Tom had served as a faithful and admirable volunteer driver of the Hyde Shuttles in Des Moines for over three years, although he had very recently given up this role as he prepared for a pending move to the Philippines to live in the new home that he and his wife, Mercy, had built.  It just wasn’t meant to be.

Brady Wright, Community Outreach Specialist for the Hyde Shuttles in Des Moines, wrote the following in an email about Tom, “Everyone who knew Tom is aware of how much he cared about our riders and everyone involved in the program, as well as how he was a genuinely warm human being and husband… Tom was a terrific man and a good friend.  He will be missed.” 

Sue Padden, Senior Services Manager for the City of Des Moines, commented on Tom’s wonderful singing voice, excellent dancing skills, gentleness, and huge heart.  She also fondly recalled his well-earned nickname of “Tex.”  She remarked, “‘Tex’ and I used to talk a lot about Texas-- its food and music.  I can see him now, under the ‘big sky,’ singing a Johnny Cash song with that beautiful smile on his face…..and that darn University of Texas Longhorn hat on his head!”

We are grateful for Tom/Tex’s years of compassionate service with the Hyde Shuttles, and we feel very fortunate that he was a part of our program.  He and his family are certainly on our minds and in our hearts.


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