Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pink Purses and Open Doors

The following was recounted by a regular, long-term client of the Volunteer Transportation program:

“There’s one particular driver who takes me to many of my appointments.  Each time he picks me up at my home, he consistently insists on carrying my purse as he helps me get down the driveway and into the car.  I usually have a bright pink purse that is hard to miss.  Unfailingly, he poses and asks me teasingly, ‘Am I color-coordinated?’  Every single time, I tell him, ‘You’re always color-coordinated!’  It’s our ongoing joke as he opens the car door for me.” 

I like the imagery that this story produces: a senior being gently escorted as she leaves her home, a volunteer and client laughing together, and a driver kindly opening the car door for his fragile passenger.  “Opening doors” is an apt metaphor for this program.  We strive to help seniors get out and about-- and hope to make them laugh in the process (pink purses and color coordination are not required!).

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