Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Volunteer in the Limelight: Deeon Kuspert

When Deeon Kuspert began her role as a volunteer driver, a gallon of gas cost $1.09; movie tickets cost $2.75; and a US postage stamp cost 22 cents.  28 years later, a lot has changed…. But Deeon is still serving with Senior Services’ Volunteer Transportation program!

Deeon can’t think of anything she’d rather do than drive local seniors to their appointments.  Over the years, she has built up quite the camaraderie with people she drives.  Each week, Deeon picks up Covington/Maple Valley clients at their homes and drives them to the doctor. 

Deeon loves the flexibility of the program; every year, she spends two months in Arizona and resumes volunteering when she returns to Covington/Maple Valley.  She also gets to choose the days and times she volunteers, and where she wants to drive. 

We are glad that Deeon has stuck with the program for so long and commend her for the huge difference she has made in her community.  A lot may have happened in our world during Deeon’s time with Volunteer Transportation, but her positive impact has remained consistent throughout these 28 years.


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