Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hyde Shuttle Client Spotlight: Jerry Carriveau

Jerry Carriveau reports that technology is in his DNA.  He was very involved with amateur radio for many years, and he now slides his fingers through iPhone apps at a speed that would put most teenagers to shame.  Jerry is always eager to learn, and it is clear that his endless curiosity has kept him current with society’s technological advances as times have changed.

Jerry has been blind essentially since birth, yet this has never limited his rich potential.  After having studied economics and some law, he received his MA in Public Administration at the University of Washington.  His lifelong learning has also allowed him to master many tasks, such as fixing faucets and gadgets, without having any vision to assist him.

Each week, Jerry takes the Hyde Shuttle to the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center to participate in two separate groups: the Cracker Barrel Group (which he describes as a “loosey goosey, informal group to talk about whatever comes up”) and the Current Events Group (for which participants bring in articles to share and discuss with one another).  He also stays for the Senior Center’s lunch program and is so popular that it is often difficult to find a seat near him.  He is constantly surrounded by folks eager to converse with him, as he usually has many interesting things to say.

Jerry is not the type of person who would ever become disengaged from the world.  In fact, it is his high level of engagement that defines who Jerry is.  He has a strong thirst for knowledge, and he is also very politically involved.

Without transportation, Jerry would not be able to participate so fully in his community.  He labels the Hyde Shuttle as very “useful and reliable.”  By taking him to activities, it empowers him to keep his active mind at work and share his unique perspectives with others.  Jerry is much, much more than just a passenger; he is an inspiration to us all.

Hyde Shuttles rely on important volunteer drivers to offer this valuable service to our community.  Drivers do not need a special license and receive free training.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Hilary (hilaryc@seniorservices.org or 206-748-7588).  Let’s drive the distance to ensure that local elderly residents can journey onward into unlimited possibilities!


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