Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Volunteer in the Limelight: Kiri Igloi

Kiri Igloi is an energetic woman.  Active and sharp, she gardens, participates in several reading clubs, and spends time with her daughters.  But she really gets her kicks by driving seniors to medical appointments with the Volunteer Transportation Program.

A retired flight attendant, Kiri says she missed the “get-up-and-go” of flying around the country when she stopped working five years ago.  Suddenly, there didn’t seem to be much possibility for “new” in her day-to-day life.  Then she found Volunteer Transportation.  

“Volunteer Transportation takes me new places every week,” Kiri says.  “I love driving seniors to new clinics and hospitals, exploring the different neighborhoods around Seattle and the South End.  I’ll do it until I become a customer.”

Kiri is a much-needed member of the program’s South King County volunteer force.  Along with her husband, Karl, she consistently provides rides every Monday and is flexible in being sent wherever she’s needed.  She could be labeled as the Highline area’s “Monday go-to gal.”

South King County Program Coordinator, Shelani Vanniasinkam, describes Kiri as very “friendly and warm.”  She explains, “I get lots of requests to ride with her because clients love Kiri!” 

It is this adventurous outlook, boundless energy, and memorable warmth that make Kiri such an inspirational volunteer.  We know that Kiri’s pathway in life will never be dull, and we are grateful that she’s able to share her gifts as she is “on the go” as a volunteer driver.


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